Prairie Bliss is an integrative medical spa was founded on providing the highs standards of care by highly qualified medical & holistic professionals for over 10 years. Always updating the newest technology, giving clients the best treatments possible for their own individual skin type with the best price. Delight in extraordinary service, personal connection, positive outlook, and thoughtful attention to detail.


Meet Your Professionals 


Tara Hubbard - “Making skin glow everyday”
Founder & owner/Skin care scientist & crafter/medical aesthetician

Greatest Adventure? "Traveling to the unknown on my own, and challenging myself to try something new everyday."

Biggest Risk? "Opening up Prairie Bliss and Bliss Botanicals"

Wildest Wish? "Starting a botanical farm in Italy." 

Tara Hubbard, owner and medical aesthetician (no longer taking clients, working in the lab) for over 15 years specializes in laser, skin education, facials, organic skin care, and waxing. Tara trains all of our aestheticians and staff to ensure everyone shares the same knowledge and attention to detail. Tara’s belief in business is it's the mistakes that makes you grow stronger and become more knowledgeable and humble in the industry,

 Tara took her aesthetics certification in 2001, and continued her education with laser training. Tara has opened up successful clinics and not so successful clinics in Saskatoon and Lethbridge, winning awards in both cities. Tara was a laser educator in Western Canada letting her teaching go to focus on Prairie Bliss and Bliss Botanicals. Tara is the creator and founder of Bliss Botanicals, Prairie Bliss Botanicals, BioBliss, and Bliss + Bloom. After watching clients struggle with allergies and sensitive skin types, she began to research and craft natural, organic, remedy based skincare products out of her kitchen. Finally, in 2013 Tara started studying aromatherapy, holistic health, medical and organic skin remedies. Out of all Tara’s studies Bliss Botanical's was born in 2014, followed by BioBliss her medical skin care line, Now as of September 2018 Tara’s paediatric line Bliss + Bloom is the latest of her creations, rounding out the whole product line to be available to all ages and skin types. 

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Andrew Hubbard

Greatest Adventure? "Snowboarding in kicking-horse, and biking through the mountains."

Biggest Risk? "Moving to Alberta and opening up a new business. Also quitting my construction business and jumping on broad at Prairie Bliss."  

Wildest Wish? "Traveling the world"

With over 15 years of business ownership and management, experience has made him an asset to Prairie Bliss. He helps to keep the clinic prices low and the quality high. Andrew is a chameleon of almost any empire with his extensive business background and financial awareness. Andrew received advanced laser and spa training in 2011 and continues to take Medical spa training every year. Andrew thoroughly trains all of our aestheticians and staff to ensure they all share the same knowledge and amazing customer service.


Doctor Kelly -  “Think like a proton - always positive"

Medical Doctor

Botox® Injection, Dysport® Injection & Dermal Fillers

I am a pretty lucky human. I consider Bryan, my husband, to be my favorite human on the planet. I have two biological daughters as well as a step daughter and step son. Add to that our cat, Jake and our pup, Marty, and you have one busy and crazy crew. We are fortunate to both have great family and friends. Vanilla and blooming lilacs are my favorite smells. Whipped cream is my favorite food. Laughing is my favorite thing to do. 

Greatest adventure? Summer 99 - a medical exchange in India for 2 months after my first year of medical school. I’d wanted to visit India for many years and was not disappointed. It was a very different world from my life here in Canada. I learned a lot, saw some amazing things, met some wonderful people and gained a great appreciation for a culture so different from my own.

 Biggest risk? After finishing my first university degree and working for a year I decided to return to school to see if I could get into medical school. It was a lot of hard work and commitment but I have never regretted it. It was a long road given getting another degree to get into med school and then adding two kids to the mix before I was finally finished residency and starting a Family Medicine practice. 

 Wildest Wish? I would love to be able to spend 2 weeks every winter with Bryan in Hawaii. To spend a couple hours every day just floating on our boogie boards enjoying the surrounding beauty and the time together would be awesome!


Certified Medical Aesthetician

Greatest Adventure? "Being awarded a diploma at the Bella Vita clinic in Los Angeles, and incorporating that into my Aesthetic services."

Biggest Risk? "Jumping into the Prairie Bliss tribe, each day is a new day to enrich someones life."

Wildest Wish? "I love what I do! I would love to keep advancing my Aesthetic and holistic skills." 

Shawna has been a certified aesthetician for over five years. She specializes in dermaplaining, lash lifts, microderabrasions, facials, speedy waxing, Plasma Lift and skincare. Shawna has a calm and friendly demeanor, and is extremely attentive to detail.



Certified Aesthetician & Medical Cosmetic Laser Technician

Greatest Adventure? "Travelling to Europe with my best friend."

Biggest Risk? "Changing careers from restaurant management to medical aesthetics." 

Wildest Wish? "Travelling the world with my children, and have them behave the entire time."

Heidi has taken her sugaring and waxing course five years ago. She also took in advanced laser course in Calgary One year ago. Apprenticing under Tara she is well-versed and specializes in laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, Teeth Whitening, Lash Lifts, vascular, photo facials, and sugaring. Heidi is also fully certified in skin revision through Biotouch, one of the leading manufacturers, and training centres of Permanent Makeup in the world. Heidi trained under Kim Pham, a three-time winner of the Calgary Herald Readers’ Choice Gold Award. 


Certified Aesthetician

Greatest Adventure? "Spending 9 weeks in Haiti working at an orphanage."

Biggest Risk? "Going back to school for Therapeutic Recreation and doing my entire education by Distance Learning."

Wildest Wish? "To travel the world with my hubby!" 

Shereen has been a certified aesthetician since 2011. She has a love for makeup and enhancing a person's natural beauty. She has many years of experience performing classic and volume lashes, waxing, facials, Hydrafacial, and makeup. During some of her days off, Shereen works as a casual recreational therapist in a long term care facility. She enjoys helping her residents maintain a good quality of life and she loves them like her own family. She is so excited to be a part of the Prairie Bliss team and cannot wait to see what the future has in store!


Office manager • Cellablaze consultant

Greatest Adventure? “Doing life backwards! My (now) husband and I had our son in 2011, married in 2012, then I went to college twice. The first was MC College in 2013 for aesthetics and then Academy of Learning College for administrative assistant in 2016.”

Biggest Risk? “leaving an assistant management position and six month management training program to join the Prairie Bliss team.”

Wildest Wish? “I am very happy with how life is right now, so I don't really have one!”


Belle - “Sorry, not sorry!” - Being a proud Canadian we sometimes apologize when it is not needed. I like to save this phrase for just those moments. JK, LOL. Sorry not sorry!

Cosmetic Tattoo Artist / Lash Technician

Greatest Adventure? I went to New Orleans for a music festival, there I met up with friends of a friend whom I had never met before. This turned out to be a great decision as we all hit it off right away, so good, we actually extended our stay from one week to two so that we could take in Halloween and my birthday. New Orleans should be on everyone’s bucket list one of my favorite places.

Biggest Risk? I lived in Regina for 7 years perfecting my lash and tattooing practice while building faithful clientele. The risk in all of this was moving back to Saskatoon to start building a new book of loving clients. Saskatoon has offered it bumps along the way, that helped me to learn and grow. Now I am very happy to be a part of the Prairie Bliss team where I can continue to grow and share my talents.

Wildest Wish? To travel the world and then find my perfect quaint beach looking out over the ocean, a place where it is warm all year round. In this magical place I plan to draw and learn to make hammocks to sell on the beach, a perfectly simple life.

Belle has obtained her certifications in lash extensions in June of 2011 and microblading in January of 2018. Belinda Maynes by her given name is commonly known as Belle.

My grandpa gave me the nickname Belle and it stuck. I was born here in Toontown. I am the 3rd of a family of 6 children and I wouldn’t change it a bit. There is never a dull moment in a household of 8. I really had no idea what privacy was until I lived on my own. I now have 14 nieces and nephews, family means everything to me.

What Prairie Bliss Clients are saying

The past months I have spent with you have been a solace on my life. Your positive, calming way has changed my outlook on life. I look forward to my treatments weekly. The cellablaze treatments have changed my life by increasingly my confidence and making me feel comfortable with my body again  

Thank you is not enough <3


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