Laser Hair Removal

Feel like you spend half of your life in the bathroom dealing with hair removal products that provide only temporary results? Waxing can be painful and messy, depilatories damage sensitive skin, and shaving leaves you with unpleasant stubble.

Electrolysis is an option, but not if you don't enjoy long sessions of needles inserted into your hair follicles. Sure, the hair will be gone, but you'll be left with bumpy, inflamed skin instead.

Explore the most advanced method available today - laser hair removal, for a permanent alternative that's fast, relatively painless, and safe. We use the most advanced cosmetic technology available today. During your complimentary consultation with our medical professional, we will discuss your needs and suggest the ideal treatment to achieve your desired results.


Because hair cycles through 3 growth phases, more than one session is required for satisfactory reduction and elimination. Depending on the area being treated, we recommend an average of six to eight sessions 4-5 weeks apart for successful long-term hair reduction. Future touch-ups will be required.



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