Prairie Bliss is an integrative medical spa was founded on providing the highs standards of care by highly qualified medical & holistic professionals for over 10 years. Always updating the newest technology, giving clients the best treatments possible for their own individual skin type with the best price. Delight in extraordinary service, personal connection, positive outlook, and thoughtful attention to detail.


Meet Your Professionals 


Tara Hubbard - “Making skin glow everyday”
Founder/Skin care chemist & crafter/medical aesthetician

Greatest Adventure - "Traveling to the unknown on my own, and challenging myself to try something new everyday."

Biggest Risk - "Opening up Prairie Bliss and Bliss Botanicals"

Wildest Wish - "Starting a botanical farm in Italy." 

Tara Hubbard, a true prairie farm girl at heart. Spending most her days helping others with skin issues as the founder and medical aesthetician. Tara is no longer taking clients because she now spends most of her days in the lab mixing up and crafting all natural and medical grade skin care for MedSpa wholesalers. Before the lab days Tara spent over 15 years specializes in laser, skin education, facials, organic skin care, and waxing. Tara trains all of our aestheticians and staff to ensure everyone shares the same knowledge and attention to detail. Tara’s belief in business is it's the mistakes that makes you grow stronger and become more knowledgeable and humble in the industry,

 Tara took her aesthetics certification in 2001, and continued her education with laser training. Tara has opened up successful clinics and not so successful clinics in Saskatoon and Lethbridge, winning awards in both cities. Tara was a laser educator in Western Canada letting her teaching go to focus on Prairie Bliss and Bliss Botanicals. Tara is the creator and founder of Bliss Botanicals, Prairie Bliss Botanicals, BioBliss, and Bliss + Bloom. After watching clients struggle with allergies and sensitive skin types, she began to research and craft natural, organic, remedy based skincare products out of her kitchen. In 2011 Tara started studying aromatherapy, holistic health, and started making remedy based products for her clients, family, and friends. After her husband Andy, daughter Taylor, and clients suggested she start making the products for the public, Tara began to put thousands of hours in clinical research, trial and errors into perfecting the 52 products that she makes from scratch today. After getting approval from Health Canada, the Canada broad of dermatologists, and a bunch of other testing from different labs, Bliss Botanicals came back approved. Bliss Botanical's was finally born in 2014 and released to the public. The 2nd skin care line she created with BioBliss a pharmaceutical grade skin care line, Now as of September 2018 the paediatric line Bliss + Bloom is the latest of her creations, rounding out the whole product line called Bliss Botanicals to be available to all ages and skin types available for wholesale all over the world. Thank you for all your support… may it ripple out and come back to you.

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Andrew Hubbard - “Dare to dream and never stop”

From a young age I was intrigued by how things work. Growing up on a farm outside of Blaine Lake gave me ample opportunity to explore and discover.  From the time I was in diapers my Mother always said I was the one that gave her grey hair.  When I was very young, I would find ways to sneak out of the house to “go visit my dad in the field” (still in diapers), or climb on top of the stove in my rubber boots to see how firemen dealt with heat (all elements on high).  As I grew that desire to discover only grew.  I would take apart my toys to see how the wind-up cars would drive and how the battery would make another toy light up.  Later in life I perused my engineering degree which seemed to fall in line with wanting to know how things ticked.  After pursuing engineering, I soon discovered that my heart lead me to want to dissect the world of business, so I gave up engineering to start my first business as a real estate agent.  After a few years real estate left me feeling like I wasn’t doing enough to make a difference in to those around me, I wanted to employ people and help them grow their passions, while expanding my knowledge.  From that my second company was born, a construction company that specialized in residential framing.  In the 11 years I spent in the construction industry I had the great opportunity the be a part of some amazing builds, meet equally amazing people and staff over 20 individuals, some of which who have gone on to start their own businesses and pursue their dreams. While running my construction company I became very intrigued by my beautiful wife’s (Tara) budding business Prairie Bliss, I seen her wins and her struggles and how it was an ever-changing industry. This intrigue grew into a desire to know more and a plan to expand into what your currently know Prairie Bliss as. At Prairie Bliss I now focus on empowering the people that work with me to be able to pursue their dreams making a great future for all of us.


Greatest adventure – My greatest adventure has been the book of my life. I enrolled at a very young age into the school of hard knocks.  I was in 4-H in my youth, their motto was “learn to do by doing”, I took that in the most literal sense and I learnt and explored as much as I could. Frequently met by the hard rule of how to not to do things, that came with head ache, heart ache, and many hospital visits (almost go my own bed).  But for all the scars and lessons learned I wouldn’t change a thing, it built my wealth of knowledge that I have today and helps me to continue to grow.


Biggest risk – My biggest risk is my shinning star today. When I met the then single mom Tara Mertz, she blew me away. A woman with such power and glowing desire in her heart, I was hooked, even though I played coy.  We would always say “when you know, you know”, this grew into us moving to Alberta after only three months of dating.  When we found that wasn’t the right fit for us, we came back home.  On the night I decided to ask Tara to be my wife we took in a “surprise” winter solstice yoga event with over 100 participants all in encircling the center of the room, we were the inner most circle.  In this winter solstice dedication, we were to do 107 sun salutations, that in error ended up being 214 sun salutations, (this was exhausting in itself). After the yoga practice we all laid with our eyes closed on our mats, while at the center of the room a single vocalist serenaded the room.  When the room was instructed to come to a seated position but keep their eyes closed, I knelt in front of Tara with a grey velvet box tied with a silk bow. Then everyone was instructed to open their eyes to see me before them at the center of the circle.  Tara exhausted from the practice was not sure of what was happening, when she opened what she thought was an early Christmas present, she soon realized this was no Christmas present and I was asking her to marry me.  After panic set in and 15 stuttering no’s, lol, she said yes. She is now my biggest and best risk Tara Hubbard.


Wildest wish – I wish to continue to grow my knowledge and be able to share that knowledge to empower others. I also wish to expand Prairie Bliss to a nationally recognized name that will stand for quality service, fair pricing and most importantly caring knowledgeable staff.


Doctor Kelly -  “Think like a proton - always positive"

Medical Doctor

Botox® Injection, Dysport® Injection & Dermal Fillers

I am a pretty lucky human. I consider Bryan, my husband, to be my favorite human on the planet. I have two biological daughters as well as a step daughter and step son. Add to that our cat, Jake and our pup, Marty, and you have one busy and crazy crew. We are fortunate to both have great family and friends. Vanilla and blooming lilacs are my favorite smells. Whipped cream is my favorite food. Laughing is my favorite thing to do. 

Dr. Kelly has been perfecting her injecting skills since completing her medical degree in 2003. Kelly expanded her repertoire into cosmetic injectables in 2018 and further expanding into injection therapies in 2019. From Kelly’s first cosmetic injection she was a natural, making painless beautiful, natural looking results. Kelly has a truly artistic hand for injectables. Book a free consultation with Dr. Kelly to see what she can do for you.

Greatest adventure - Summer 99 - a medical exchange in India for 2 months after my first year of medical school. I’d wanted to visit India for many years and was not disappointed. It was a very different world from my life here in Canada. I learned a lot, saw some amazing things, met some wonderful people and gained a great appreciation for a culture so different from my own.

 Biggest risk - After finishing my first university degree and working for a year I decided to return to school to see if I could get into medical school. It was a lot of hard work and commitment but I have never regretted it. It was a long road given getting another degree to get into med school and then adding two kids to the mix before I was finally finished residency and starting a Family Medicine practice. 

 Wildest Wish - I would love to be able to spend 2 weeks every winter with Bryan in Hawaii. To spend a couple hours every day just floating on our boogie boards enjoying the surrounding beauty and the time together would be awesome!


Heidi - “I’m actually in a good mood, that’s just my face”                         

Certified Medical Aesthetician and Medical Laser Technician

I’m a proud mom of two (and one fur baby), I have traveled many places around the world and I hope to keep adding to that list.  Family means everything to me.  Having grown up in a small town and only having two or three channels for most of my childhood and dial up internet I spent most of my time outside. I still prefer to be outside, especially in the summer. I spent every summer at the cabin and I hope to one day be able to do that with my kids.

Greatest Adventure –  In the summer of 2015 I traveled Europe with my best friend, food and coffee were the two biggest reasons we decided to take this trip. We ate the best pizza, and drank the best coffee that we had ever had. 

Biggest Risk –  Advancing my career in a city that wasn’t “home”.  I went to Calgary for my advanced training and had to leave my kids with family while I did this. It was very hard, but I knew it was something I had to do for me and for my kids.

Wildest wish – I would love to be able to travel somewhere every year with Andrew and the kids, and to be so financially stable that I never have to think twice about adding guac.

Heidi is our go to girl for anything laser.  She completed her aesthetics and sugaring course in 2006 and took advanced medical laser training in Calgary in 2016, specializing in laser hair removal and tattoo removal.  In 2017 Heidi advanced her training through BioTouch, one of the leading training centers in the world, getting her certification in skin revision.    


Shereen - "I tried to be normal, but it got boring, so I went back to being me."

Certified Aesthetician

Greatest Adventure - "Spending 9 weeks at an orphanage in Haiti."

Biggest Risk - "Choosing to have children hoping they don't end up to be jerks."

Wildest Wish - "To always continue learning new things and pursuing new adventures with my family."

I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere with more animals than I could count. You would always be able to find me snuggling some kind of baby animal in a barn or riding my bike. Since the young age of 12 I began dealing with acne, which lead me to develop a passion for skin care and helping people overcome their insecurities. I was always the go-to girl for advice and makeup applications for my girlfriends' dates or weddings. I am also a certified recreation therapist and have a background in geriatrics and youth with disabilities.

I currently enjoy spending time with my husband and puppy. We also enjoy travelling whenever we have the chance. I like to de-stress by playing the piano, cello, and doing acrylic paintings.

Shereen has been a certified aesthetician since 2011. She has a love for makeup and enhancing a person's natural beauty. She has many years of experience performing classic and volume lashes, waxing, facials, Hydrafacials and microdermabrasion.


Traci - “Toss your hair in a bun, drink some coffee, put on some gangsta rap, and handle it.”

Office Manager. Certified Aesthetician. Cellablaze & Skin Care Consultant.

Greatest Adventure – Doing life backwards! I had my first and only child in 2011, who has motivated me to invest in myself for our future. I obtained my high school equivalency shortly after he was born. I went to MC College for Aesthetics in 2013, then Academy of Learning College for Administrative Assistant in 2015. Fun fact: I also didn’t get my drivers license until 2016!

Biggest Risk - Leaving an assistant management position and six-month management training program to join the team at Prairie Bliss – and I’m so glad I did. The PB fam keeps me inspired and I feel so grateful to be part of such a phenomenal team.

Wildest Wish I want to travel to the Athabasca Sand Dunes and spend some time disconnecting from daily life and reconnecting with nature. If you aren’t familiar with them, I recommend giving them a Google search. - you’ll see what I mean when I say disconnecting!

Traci is the office manager at Prairie Bliss and is well known for her quirkiness and caffeine addiction. She feels that this is the perfect fit for her because it unites both of her diplomas into one career. Traci’s extensive background of industry knowledge makes her an easy go to for just about any questions.


Belle - “Sorry, not sorry!” - Being a proud Canadian we sometimes apologize when it is not needed. I like to save this phrase for just those moments. JK, LOL. Sorry not sorry! Cosmetic Tattoo Artist / Lash Technician

Greatest Adventure - I went to New Orleans for a music festival, there I met up with friends of a friend whom I had never met before. This turned out to be a great decision as we all hit it off right away, so good, we actually extended our stay from one week to two so that we could take in Halloween and my birthday. New Orleans should be on everyone’s bucket list one of my favorite places.

Biggest Risk - I lived in Regina for 7 years perfecting my lash and tattooing practice while building faithful clientele. The risk in all of this was moving back to Saskatoon to start building a new book of loving clients. Saskatoon has offered it bumps along the way, that helped me to learn and grow. Now I am very happy to be a part of the Prairie Bliss team where I can continue to grow and share my talents.

Wildest Wish - To travel the world and then find my perfect quaint beach looking out over the ocean, a place where it is warm all year round. In this magical place I plan to draw and learn to make hammocks to sell on the beach, a perfectly simple life.

Belle has obtained her certifications in lash extensions in June of 2011 and microblading in January of 2018. Belinda Maynes by her given name is commonly known as Belle, she is a true artist of the eyes. Come visit Belle to see what her artistic touch can do for you.

My grandpa gave me the nickname Belle and it stuck. I was born here in Toontown. I am the 3rd of a family of 6 children and I wouldn’t change it a bit. There is never a dull moment in a household of 8. I really had no idea what privacy was until I lived on my own. I now have 14 nieces and nephews, family means everything to me.


Maygan - "Be a pineapple, stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet inside."
Certified aesthetician
AKA - master brazilian artist 

Maygan has a passion for growth and knowledge. She started her esthetics career in 2016 graduating from esthetics school with honors in 2016, she immediately began expanding her knowledge into body therapies for relaxation and hot stone massage. In 2017 Maygan continued to feed her hunger for knowledge expanding her training into full body sugaring, laser hair removal, and microblading. Come visit Maygan to see what she will be setting her sights on next.

Proud cat mom and coffee addict. In my spare time i enjoy cross stitch and knitting. I'm always looking for opportunities to learn new skills and grow my knowledge.

I always knew I wanted to make a difference in people's lives. It's really the best feeling is seeing my clients leave feeling good about themselves. The amazing thing about this industry is helping people to see the beauty within themselves.

Greatest adventure - 2007 Taking a 2 month road trip around the states with my family. Camping in the Mojave desert nearly blew us away with a crazy wind storm. I have memories from that trip that will last me a lifetime.

Biggest risk - Moving to Alberta away from all my friends and family. Even though it didn't work out it was still a great learning experience and taught me to not be afraid of new experiences.

Wildest wish - To get my PHD in psychology. I definitely can't imagine going back to school anytime soon but i have always been interested in what makes people tick.


Zeny - “Prone to wander. Explore. Adventure. Get Lost!”
Certified aesthetician/ Laser Technician 

Since the completion of her Esthetics course at in 2011 Zeny has been working in the spa industry and perfecting her skill set. In 2012 Zeny added spray-tanning to her list of focused certifications. As Zeny perfected her list of skills, she knew it was time to add another, transitioning into the medispa world Zeny added laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation in 2017. Zeny is now looking forward to broadening her spa and medispa experience with Prairie Bliss. Come visit Zeny to experience her perfectionist hand and feel the difference.

With embracing my name, I feel that my zany side was an intention from my parents. When I’m not out on my bike exploring the city, I spend time tormenting my cats as they so often do to me.

Wildest wish - To live somewhere that is warm all year round and explore new surroundings by bike. To be in nature is where I am at home.

Two of my greatest adventures are simultaneously two of my biggest risks. In 2014 I traveled to Europe with only a backpack to explore Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Barcelona and Lisbon.  Day one into Amsterdam I quickly came to realize that my English to Dutch translation skills we lacking, so finding my correct train to get to my Air BNB was tricky to say the least.  I ended up on the wrong train heading the wrong direction.  After 4 hours and jumping a couple trains to get back to the general area of where I was supposed to be, now I had to try and piece the final steps together from my new location. With the assistance of a lovely elderly lady and some very expensive data charged GPS, I finally made it to my destination.  Exhausted from the day’s adventures, bed was all I could think of, then the key to the door jammed, I was starting to believe today was a bad omen on the trip.  Luckily, I got better at planning my trips and the remainder of the trip was much smoother. Another memorable adventure is driving across Canada through the Prairies all the east coast packed up tight in a small car that dually acted as a bed.  On this adventure I got to see the many different landscapes of Canada taking in Niagara Falls, the land of potatoes PEI and my family roots of Nova Scotia.  The memories of both my trips make me truly proud to be a Canadian we are welcomed everywhere and we have a beautiful country.

What Prairie Bliss Clients are saying

The past months I have spent with you have been a solace on my life. Your positive, calming way has changed my outlook on life. I look forward to my treatments weekly. The cellablaze treatments have changed my life by increasingly my confidence and making me feel comfortable with my body again  

Thank you is not enough <3


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